101 Things To Do

Inspired by the Mighty Girl, I decided to create a Mighty List. So here are the 100 Things that I want to do. This list will grow, maybe it’ll become a 1000 things to do.

But let’s start here:

Go to every country that ends in the word “land” | Learn to speak Spanish, Italian & French fluently | Buy a Studio apartment in Paris | Walk the Brooklyn Bridge | Run the New York City Marathon | Bake a homemade pie | Host a cocktail & dinner party at our home on New Year’s Eve | Have a garden of fresh herbs and tomatoes | Own a house with stairs and a washer & dryer | To see the Northern Lights | See the Taj Mahal at sunrise | Make my own Christmas tradition with my family | Go to Oktoberfest | Take fencing lessons | Get a dog | Create my memoirs | Work from home | Become a mom | See New Zealand | learn how to make my own clothes | Learn how to shoot a gun | Learn how to use a darkroom and develop my own film | Make my own bottle of wine | Introduce Jon to my British side of the Family | Ride in a paddleboat down the Mississippi River | Give a tour at the Met | Compete in a triathlon | Take dance lessons with Jonathan | Own a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes | Work for Google | Take my Aunt on a vacation | Make a short film | Start my own business | Go to a Lady Gaga Concert | Go to a show in Las Vegas | Do a road trip with Jonathan | Go camping in Napa | Be the healthiest I can be | Go to Africa | See an Olympic event | Go to a World Cup Match | See a bull fight | Read all of the Bible | Learn to play a song on the piano | Watch every movie on AFI’s greatest movies of all time | Make a meal without using a recipe | Learn how to chop an onion evenly | Go scuba diving | See the pyramids | Take Jonathan to a pub in Oxford | Go to a bonfire party on the beach | Eat Texas BBQ in Texas | See Jerusalem | Own the White Album on vinyl | Take couple photos with Jonathan in San Francisco | Own an airstream trailer | Change my car’s oil | Watch a scary movie | Make a piece of furniture for our home | Go to the Mojave desert | Poach an egg | Learn how to surf on my own | Go to every State | Go to the Academy Awards | Go to the Sundance Film Festival | For 100 Days tell Jonathan the different reasons why I love him | Repair an old home | Spend a day at the Spa | Create a gift, instead of buying something | Make a tank of gas last a month in my car | Make a meal every night for a week | Go to the San Francisco Farmer’s Market at Embarcadero | Do an Anthony Bourdain food tour of a city | Watch a  sunrise and a sunset all in one day | Take a kickboxing lesson | Become a certified yoga teacher | See the Grand Canyon | Replicate an old photo with Jonathan | Go to Colombia with Jonathan | See the Redwoods | Learn how to properly use my camera | Read the Lord of the Rings | Go to all the Vineyards in Napa | Tithe | Treat a stranger to a meal | Pay for someone else at a toll booth | Host a holiday meal for those who have no where else to go | Give away free wrapping paper during the Holidays | Volunteer at a Teen Crisis Center | Surprise Jonathan with a trip | Own a wine bar | Go sailing | Teach a class | Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity | Read a book in a day | Try a new food | Climb a tree | Join a Flashmob | Stand on the Great Wall of China | Go to Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro | Run the Six Major Marathons

Lets see how this goes.

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