OH! It’s shiny!!

I’m a sucker for new toys. Like any geeky girl, I  see something shiny being marketed by Mashable.com or see it on TV looking all pretty and I want it. (I want it now, I tell you!) But often times I hold back, since it’s usually my fiancee, Jonathan, screaming in the background telling me “we need to save money” or “the next model will be better”. But this is the one thing that I’ve been wanting for a while and I don’t think I can hold out much longer. A tablet.

It seems like everyone has an Apple iPad but I’m trying to move away from my addiction with Apple. I use to love them but then they got so hyped up and they lost touch in what they use to be and how awesome they once were. (Confession: I almost broke down last week and bought an iPad after being the only person in a meeting without one. But I resisted temptation, the road to recovery is never easy.) And still I want a tablet and I think I’ve found the one that I like. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that was just revealed today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Isn't it pretty?!

About 5,000 of these bad boys were released to the geeks of the world at the Google I/O event here in San Francisco and some small reviews have already been done. Apparently this is a close competitor to the iPad 2 and has some strong attributes.

That’s why I like Google, they’re really good listeners. They tend to wait for Apple to release something (say a very fancy smart phone), listen to the complaints that people have about it (doesn’t run flash, short battery life, removeable SIM cards), and then make sure their product doesn’t have those issues. It’s smart and simple.  I LOVE IT!

So I got a month to go before this new toy can end up in my purse. (I’m already envisioning how cute it’s going to look sitting in my new Target leather bag next to my makeup pouch.) Hopefully I can get my hands on one when it comes out and give you my girly review of this new gadget.

Knowing Jonathan, he’ll make me wait for the next one.

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