Dear Tina Fey

I think I love you. No, hear me out. But I think you’re pretty freaking awesome. Let’s put it this way, meeting you would be my version of a house mom getting to be in the audience for an Oprah’s Favorite Things Tapings. My head could possibly explode.

I’ve been informed by my fiancee that I’m turning into Liz Lemon.I took it as a compliment, he meant it in a way to strike fear into me, obviously it didn’t work. I get that a lot actually, even one of my bridesmaid’s said that I was her life version of Liz Lemon. Hey, at least I’m someone funny, who likes to eat and is just a little awkward. I embrace it.

I just finished your book, Bossypants and it made me laugh out loud. Not just write LOL on my facebook posts whenever I talked about it, but seriously laugh out loud. Plus, I’m also totally inspired by your stories. I mean, what woman hasn’t dealt with the personal crap of  feeling like they’re stuck in a man’s world full of Nos. It’s relevant for all, brought back memories of Count Chocula and you make me feel like being a geeky girl in this world is cool.

It’s nice for a change to read the story of a Hollywood superstar who isn’t bitching and moaning about how their mommy and daddy didn’t love them. It sounds to me like you’re still tight with your folks and that’s cool. You have a husband that supports you 100% which is great and a kid who’s a freaking comedic genius already which is AWESOME!! The Palin on SNL, Oprah on 30 Rock and a 2 year old’s birthday party is probably one of my favorite chapters. Talk about a balancing act. But what’s great is that it showed you like what you do, you do a hell of a job at it and still make time to throw a birthday party for your kid. Isn’t that what every woman wants?

Now as an adult I wish I was brilliant writer, a brilliant writer who’s funny, a brilliant funny writer who knew how to pole dance like the best of them, but I guess you can’t have everything. My little blog here is a small attempt to get back into writing and hopefully making them funny, at least get a small snicker. So thanks, Tina. For making glasses, being a brunette cool and being a bad ass at making people LOL.

Tina Fey's Bossypants

3 thoughts on “Dear Tina Fey

  1. A Young Person says:

    I had no idea Tina Fey wrote a book !! (i live in france, so that’s probably why….) Thanks for this article, I’m ordering it on Amazon right now !

  2. Marc works at the church where the Fey family goes. On Easter, Alice tried to put a cookie shaped as a hat on Marc’s head 🙂

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