Back From Paradise

The return back to reality from vacation is always the worst.

Last Thursday Jonathan got back from Paradise, aka Hawaii. It was a great trip for me but a busy one for Jonathan (he’s got the farmer’s tan to prove it). But we got a chance to get away to sit in the sun, do things with some fun people and drink pina coladas whenever we wanted. Hawaii is a magical place you immediately forget what’s going on at home and there are tons of nice people there always asking, ” where you from?” to get the conversation going. It’s a great place and as one of our new Hawaii friends told us, each island and town is different, so you can always go back to explore another place. It’s definitely true for us and I’m so going back whether it is with Jonathan or not. (Don’t worry hunny, I’ll bring you along at least on one adventure.) So if you want a great place to vacation, Maui is a good place. I learned how to surf, I saw a luau and I ate fish that I’ve never heard of before that tasted awesome.

But with all that fun came the hard crash of going back to work and leaving all that beautiful sunshine. It’s not easy getting caught up with work and learning about things that happened while I was away. Fortunately, a three day weekend is coming up and I think endless hours of Real Housewives might be in order.

Here are some fun pictures of our time in Hawaii.

Hawaii arrival

Welcome White People

Jon on the beach

First day on the Beach!

Hawaii Beach

My daily view

Fire spinner

Jonathan's new dream job

End of the trip

Loving that Vitamin D

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