CDs got nothing on Mixtapes

Last Thursday I went on a dinner date with Jonathan. He’s been working till about 4am for the last few nights so we haven’t seen much of each other. Anyways, I came home from our sushi dinner and turned on some VH1 Classic (Thank God for that channel, its beyond better then the VH1 reality channel) to help me settle down for the night. When I realized that I was in the midst of 40 One-Hit Wonders of the 90s. HURRAY! But I’m not just excited with all the songs that they’re listing. Oh no. I’m thrilled to see that they’re interviewing one of my favorite writers, Rob Sheffield.

Rob is a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, but he wrote an amazing book called, Love is a Mixtape. I read this book the moment it came out in 2007. (I was utterly in love with the title sine I made a gazillion mixtapes for my collection.) And to sum it up, this geeky girl knew she would always love geeky boys.

Love is a Mixtape

One of my favoritest books

Rob wrote this about his first wife Renee and their love of music. He talks about the songs that meant something to him (the moment he realized that Hey Jude can be played on an infinite loop) and what brought them together. I don’t want to give too much away but this book is awesome if you love some good tunes and remember how that certain song/band really spoke to you. Rob is smart and cool (in that geeky sort of) he talks about musician like their old friends and his love for Renee reminds me of some of the first convos Jonathan and I had when we were just friends. It totally reminds me of those times you get into a huge massive discussion with your friends about who’s a more legit rock star and didn’t sell-out.

I may have to re-read this book now. It’s been too long and I feel like my taste in music has totally expanded (no longer am I obsessed with the Violent Femmes). Let’s see if my musical palate will enjoy discussing all those indie rock, classic tunes of yester year.

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