Lace Up the Sneaks!

Like any good bride trying to get ready for her wedding day I’m trying to lose weight and if you didn’t know one of those ways is by running. Yes, I’m a runner. Shocking I know but thanks to participating in Team In Training (aka TNT) I’m now addicted to the sport and always looking for the next high. However, this weekend was not that.

I was training for the See Jane Run Half Marathon for a while but then hit a bit of a rut the last few weeks with the trip to Hawaii (I know, I know, I shouldn’t be complaining) and getting back into a routine at work, and trying to plan a wedding. So there’s been a limit with me getting a chance to lace up the sneaks. Then this week I came down with a bug, I don’t know what but I could barely handle getting through the day. I ended up going to bed on Friday night at 9pm. On Saturday, I felt a little bit better, I knew that I could handle a run but I was debating on whether to do the half or go with the 5K. I started looking at the route and was thinking well maybe… I turned to Jonathan and told him that I might be up for it and he said “you don’t look so good”. And let’s just say that I’m glad he was right.

I ended up doing the 5k with my girlies, Jen and Valerie. Jen was sick, Val was getting over being sick as well and we decided not to push ourselves. We decided to take a picture afterwards and here’s a shot of how awful I looked. (I’m on the left.)

See Jane Run Finishers

How desperate are we for sleep?

For a bunch of ladies who were sick and just ran after doing nothing I think we look hot. And thank heavens for See Jane Run for providing a lot of champagne because that’s what this sick girl needed. We promise to dominate another race, just right now getting through the day and not dying was an accomplishment.

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