Happy Anniversary! Sort of.

Today one year ago Jonathan proposed to me. (AWWW!!) Yes, I’m being a cheese head but it just dawned on me that the boy and I have been planning this “life together forever” business for a solid year now. So in honor of the event here’s a recount of how it the dude pulled it off.

Jonathan and I went to Greece on vacation. A chance to see the country and do a little island hopping. On the third to last day we were in Milos, Jonathan informed that he wanted to watch the sunset on the beach and videotape it since we had done it the night before in Santorini. I protested that it was a silly idea since the sunset behind the mountains but he said it was so lovely in Santorini it would still be gorgeous and I decided fine. I requested I get the chance to shower and change before we headed out since from there we were meeting friends for dinner. He agreed to let me and about 45 minutes later we were back on the coarse pebbles known as the beach and walked to a secluded area near some rocks.

As we were walking to said spot Jonathan asked me had I been having a good time?, did I like Greece?, did I ever imagine that we would be here? and all honesty, I didn’t but the conversation was somewhat light considering the heavy topics they were about. We were talking about the last year and the course our lives have taken up till now. I started to realize that Jonathan was getting a little nervous as he would ask me a question, I’d give a response and he had no comment –a rarity– which was then followed by a large chunk of time filled with silence. Not wanting to make him more nervous I was trying to think of ways to keep the conversation going, and still only got one answer response, which in turn was making me nervous.

After setting up the flipcam facing the mountains and getting a good seat to enjoy the waves but not get wet, Jonathan and I continued the conversation. The nerves were starting to build and he started to grab my hand and rub. This is the moment where I went, “Oh gawd. He’s gonna propose.” You expect it to an extent when you are on a tropical island in a foreign country with your boyfriend but the emotions of being in the moment are just heightened it further. Honestly, after a while I was trying to memorize every single moment and even now looking back it’s a little foggy. After sitting next to me Jonathan, “fixed the camera” to get a better angle and positioned himself right in front of me. From there he continued asking questions wondering where I thought we would be years down the road and I believe that I said something along the lines of I think we would be together for many years to come and from there the last thing I remember him saying is “Good, because I have a question to ask you.” From there he pulled a ring box out from behind his back and asked the Big Question “Will you marry me?”

After reciting the words “Oh my gawd!” In sheer glee for a solid 15 minutes; I informed Jonathan that yes I would be his wife and promised to spend the rest of our lives hanging out with him, watching really bad movies, raising kids and seeing the world together. From there we sat on the beach discussing the things that we love about each other and what we enjoy about being together. It was truly a magical hour or so of being with the man that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

Engagement Photo

Gotta love the sunset in the background.

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