To a new attitude

Like any good bride I’m on the mission to lose some weight so I can fit into my dress. It’s not like I ordered a dress a size too small. I just want the dress to fit the best as possible on the day of. So, I must confess that I’ve been seeing a trainer, Greg the Trainer as I like to call him. Greggers works at 24 Hour Fitness on Van Ness Street and he’s one of those big beefy guys that you know goes to the gym for like a gajillion hours a day to work out (he actually told me that one Saturday he spent 4 hours working out). I just go because the dude kicks my arse twice a week and I get to be snarky to a guy from SoCal.

In addition to spending quality time with Greg the Trainer, I’ve been running on my own, trying to be consistent as much as I can to get my cardio in. I’ve been going off my old  Team In Training Calendar trying to follow the same schedule since I’ll be running the Nike Women’s Marathon again this year. I’m trying to eat right but I get weak in the knees for froyo and a good cheese burger. I love a glass of wine at the end of a gorgeous day or an ice cold beer. Basically put, I do ok but I know I can do better. Well today was the day that I put it all to the test, I tried on the dress.

Not to sound too dramatic but this dress is perfectly snug, like to the point that if I sat down I may have problems breathing. If I gained another pound it’s all over my friend. So with that said, I’m on a new mission to lose 10 pounds for sure, just so I can sit and dance and not die. I can do it. Three months away and 10 lbs. ain’t too bad. It’s completely realistic and I’ll start counting calories right away.

But first, I’m going to finish this glass of wine.

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