Reunited And It Feels So Good

Three months is a long time to stay away from my blog but it was either write or plan a wedding. Since there was more of a deadline with the wedding I thought my focus should be on that. Fortunately the wedding was a success and now I’m working on getting use to being a wife. Which gives me more time to focus on the blog.

Still there is the looming fact that I need to do Thank You Cards and such but it correlates perfectly with the holiday season, so be on the look out. will be getting a lot more love from me. It’s probably one of my favorite new sites thanks to all the planning. They have some amazing invites and cards, check them out if you’re interested. Maybe I need to plan another party to use them again.

Next weekend we’re heading to Vegas to party with my running buddy and her man on their big day. It’ll be our first trip to Sin City and of course I’m going there with my husband. 🙂 Our friends are getting married at the Red Rock Casino and Enrique Iglesias will be performing the night of. So once the party is over we can head over to the concert for some entertainment. The simplest thing that has gotten me excited about the weekend is the movie theater. I don’t know why, but Jonathan and I haven’t seen a movie in like months so to be able to go out and check out a movie is just a treat. To be honest I really don’t remember the last movie I saw, I think it was Harry Potter but it’s been too long.

Man, are we going to enjoy the little getaway.

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