Coupon Not, Save Not

I’ve gotten into this little habit which makes me look like a 45 year old woman with 6 kids when I’m really a 29 year old new bride. I’ve watched one too many episodes of Extreme Couponing and well now I’m one of it’s members.

Extreme Coupons

The show that began it all.

Now to be clear, my husband and I live in a one bedroom cottage, so there isn’t any room for a stock pile but I do stock up on the things that we use regularly; laundry detergent, soap, cat food, etc. I’m not going to lie, there is a high associated with finding a deal and getting more money off of it but I’m a few weeks into this and sure enough I’ve hit some pot holes. For instance, my biggest high was 2 weeks ago when I saved 50% off my grocery bill. Now everything on that list I have/am/will be using and the actual dollar amount I saved, $83. Last night, I decided to try a new method and hit up Target to use some coupons that are going to expire tomorrow. I got a little smarter with them, however, I saved about a third on my total receipt which turned out to be $67. I was hoping for it to be more but I’ve learnt from my mistakes.

One of the things that I found which is a great jumping off point is checking out the site, The Krazy Coupon Lady. She was featured in one of the first episodes of Extreme Couponing and has some great info on how to get organized and use your deals. I’m a huge fan. It’s slightly overwhelming when you get started but following The Krazy Coupon Lady’s Beginner Advice will get you going in the right direction & honestly taking it one coupon at a time, really helps.

While I have no goals of being that lady with 4 shopping carts pulling up to the register, I am aiming to be the woman that saves money for her family whenever she can.

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