Hola Espana!

After several hours pouring over books, looking through pinterest and deep discussions over wine with some good friends, husband and I are heading to Spain for a little getaway. Ole!

It’s been about two years since we hit the road to see something new. But, this time we’re going some place old with a twist. Jon and I have both been to Spain when we were 15 and 10, respectively. So this time we’ll be allowed to drive around the country and drink sangria, legally. 🙂 To be honest, the first time I ever went bar hopping was in Spain with MY MOM. She wanted to go out with her girlfriends but she didn’t want to leave her 10 year old daughter at home, so I was brought along.

Now we’re packing the bags and taking a tour of the country at it’s roots. We land in Madrid, drive down to Toledo (so someone can get himself a sword) then we head to Granada swing a left so we can follow the coast until we hit Barcelona. Drivers of Spain, be thankful! I’m not driving in your country. I’m leaving it to the dude to do the driving, I’ll be the one taking pictures and navigating, that’s my style. Sunshine, warmth and cool architecture are in my future and I can’t wait.

We are huge fans of Lonely Planet and those book for sure will be coming with us. If anyone has any recommendations of places to see, eat or drink please let me know. We want an adventure.

Spain, Madrid, Barcelona Books

Can I get any more touristy?



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