Hobos Rock My Socks

I’m one of those girls that is always on a hunt for a good purse or wallet, I can’t help it. I can never decide which style I’m in the mood for wearing. I think I have roughly about 20 or so sitting in the bottom of my closet stuffed inside one another. (Shhh, the hubby doesn’t know about them.)

I usually buy my bags/wallets for dirt cheap at either Target, F21, or Old Navy. But about 4 years ago I bought my first wallet, a Lodis that last to about a year ago. It was a gorgeous pink, snake pattern clutch that got used and abused; and I loved her. That little lady went everywhere with me and she always got me amazing compliments.

After those blissful four years, where I learnt that paying a little more means often times you get better quality I upgraded to this sexy little thang.

pink wallet

Isn't she fabulous?

Well, she only comes out for special occasions now. She’s beautiful and great but really I need something versatile that can handle being fabulous at night but durable during the day to handle my work life. That’s when I was introduced to Hobo by the great staff at Therapy.

Made by a woman for women, Hobo is fabulous giving you style, functionality & quality. When I got my first wallet from them I was a little sad that it was “loved” before me. There were some love scratches but then it made me realize that it really attributed to the quality and vintage look. It’s super practical, allowing me access (as soon as I open it) to my usual credit cards, a pocket for my lip gloss, phone, check book, etc.  How can you not love her?

Lauren Hobo Wallet

Can you tell I love pink?

But as we prepare for Europe, I’m now on the hunt for an amazing travel purse. Something that would be big enough to carry my camera(s), guide books, wallet and not look so massive that screams, “Hey, I’m a tourist. Come and steal my purse while I enjoy traveling around your amazing beautiful country.” While I cruised around Therapy last night, just seeing what new items were in the store, I saw this amazing bag. The Hobo Explorer Bag.

Hobo Bag's Explorer Purse

The bag that does Europe.

It’s got pockets for everything! A little something for the lipgloss and parking tickets, the cell phone, the passport (which I would never carry in the outside pocket) and a clip inside for more keys. Plus, its like something from Harry Potter, it just keeps going. It can store so much, I swear I can fit my laptop in there. It’s not only a cross body bag but over the shoulder as well. Perfect to tuck under my arm when I want to keep it close, or balance all the things that I need to bring into the house.

One thing, it’s pretty expensive, fortunately I was able to get a little discount due to some minor issues. Plus I see this being one of those bags that I keep with me for a long time. It’s like a fine glass of wine, it probably will get better with age.

Now, I’m officially a Hobo fan.  Although things can be expensive, I rather have bags that will last me a long time or give me that unique look. I’m a woman, I live in my purse, there are things in there that no man should see, so I need something to last. To truly hide all my little secrets. 🙂 Hobo is phenomenal and it lasts. Now my only issue is, how can I get a job there?

What’s your favorite wallet/purse from? Do you have a favorite everyday or travel bag? I’d love to hear.

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