Spring is Here, Stay Out of My Way

The weather has finally decided to warm up over the weekend and I did what any smart, witty San Franciscan would do, I began my annual Spring cleaning. Yes, instead of taking the time out to enjoy what was going on outside I raided my closet, organized my filing cabinet and sorted my lingerie drawer. (Ok, that last part was so needed, every time I went to the gym I swore I had no white socks, sure enough, I’ve got a gajillion pairs.) But it made perfect sense, the beautiful weather had me in all out cleaning mode and I couldn’t stop, nothing was safe. The book bag that I’ve dragged around since college, gone. The summer dress that I wore in 2007 that made my boobs look amazing, off to Goodwill. The pack of CDs that I held onto in case I needed to burn anything, given away. I never realized it but there’s a bunch of crap in the house.

Sometimes I forget that it’s just easy to toss everything away. There’s probably a handful of things that probably come from the course of J and I’s relationship or something that my mom gave me, but other then that it’s free game for the trash bin. I’m a big believer in getting rid of things too with negative emotional connection. I guess it sounds petty but having things around you that are reminders of negative experiences just seems silly to me, so I just get rid of them. Start fresh, start new, make new memories. I can’t stand being hold down by the past.

One of the best things about cleaning out the closet, more room for new stuff. I guess J didn’t realize that I would toss so much and sure enough I will need to restock on cute stuff. I’m already on the hunt for this gorgeous little outift.

LC pink dress from Kohls

Love those colors!

It’s happy, it’s spring, it’s sweet and I want, I want, I want! Now fingers crossed I can find some Kohls in the Bay Area that has it in my size.

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