Plie Now Om

I’m a huge fan of trying new forms of exercise. I’m part runner, but right now I’m into spinning. I say part runner because I’ll do it for a while, get into doing 5-7 miles and then stop because I get bored with my routes or get bored running alone. (I just combatted the running alone bit by finding a running team in my town. Now I can check that excuse off the list.) And spinning will be fad for now too, cause I’m going to hit that moment where I’ll be doing it for a while and then think, “why the heck am I signing up for this?”

But today my boss recommended The Bar Method, an exercise that combines pilates, ballet and I guess yoga too. I’ve heard of it on tv and from random people but I’ve never actually seen a class or how a session runs, but I’m thinking of trying. When I was a kid I did ballet for like a year or two so it’ll be interesting to see how I do. But the thing that totally won me over are the celebrity reviews and I’m a complete sucker for them. I know I’m being silly since celebs have nothing to do but work out and look fabulous. But just look at Kelly Osbourne.

Bar Method Kelly Osbourne

Doesn't she look amazing?

I’m thinking of giving it a try. Hey if it can help me get from where I am to where I want to be, I’m all over it. Anyone have experience with The Bar Method? Any prep before I walk into a studio this weekend would be great.

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