New York in November or Bust

This past Thursday, the greatest news was emailed to me.

I'm In

Holy Schnikes! I got accepted!

Yes, people of the world, I got into the New York City Marathon. I was one of the millions of people who hoped and prayed and my prayers were answered. HUZZAH! So in November of this year I’m going to be running the 5 boroughs, probably peeing in my pants and hoping to get my name in the New York Times with a 4:20 Personal Record (PR). My last race was 5:30 and it was torture, but fortunately with New York, it’s a relatively flat race. I mean the only hill is in mile 1 getting out of Staten Island.  SA-WEET!

Right now, I’m not in the marathon zone at all. I’m running a half marathon next week which should help and today I signed up to train with a local running group in my town, A Runner’s Mind. The staff there are super nice and since it’s early I think they’ll be the best people to get my fat butt into kick arse mode. However, I don’t think I’m going to be the best person to be training with every Tuesday at 6am.

Ahh running season; the perfect reminder that my days of sleeping in on Saturdays will be just a dream for a few months.

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