The Wedding: Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the Big Day and since then we’ve been married a little over 7 months. We had a beautiful day and were surrounded by some awesome people who loved us. I kind of want to go back in time and relive it all over again since we spent a lot of money on the party, but unfortunately my mad skills do not include building time machines. (I’m still working on it.)

I wanted to highlight my wedding with a few photos but honestly I might overload one post with a gagillion images and just make this blog crash. So I thought I would break it down into sections, the prep, the ceremony/wedding party and the reception. I know it’s a little much but there’s no way I can limit Andres Valenzuela‘s AMAZING photos. (If you want the highlights, you can go to his blog) But for those of you that want to be girly and go gaga for photos you can start looking below.

Bridal Base Camp

Bridal Prep Base Camp
Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

Welcome to the coziest room in the world. Totally felt like it was something from Home & Garden. I was so in love with the place.

Getting Ready

Doing those last minute touches.
Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

I totally calmed down once Andres showed up, I don’t know why though. He totally has a calming energy especially on one of the craziest days of my life but he never made me feel like I needed to rush.

Polly & I

Our dear friend Polly came to check up on me. I was giddy. Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

The great thing was that the house we got ready at had a Bride’s side and a Groom’s side. It was perfect. We were all in the same place but still separated from one another. Polly has been a great friend to us over the years and to have her and her husband with us on the day of was priceless.


I decided to honor my mom & Jon’s dad by having photos of them in a locket tied to my bouquet, we wanted them close by.
Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

Jon’s dad died a couple of years ago and my mother a little over eight. We wanted to them close by so I bought a locket and I put a photo of each of them in it. That project took FOREVER! Being the perfectionist, I wanted the photos to fit in there snug and not look janky! There were a few hours spent printing and cutting those photos. Next time, I’ll leave it for the professionals.

Jon getting Ready

Here’s Jon, he’s just the cutest. I heart him. That’s Sean making sure he looks good.
Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

‘Nuff said!

Tears with Jen

Sharing some words with my MOH, who’s known me since I was 7.
Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

My MOH was my big “sis” Jen. If there’s anyone in this world who knows me  it’s her. She has been through everything with me and I would be a totally different person if it wasn’t for her.

Over the shoulder look.

Does my butt look big?
Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

So 1950s pinup-y looking. I totally dig this photo.

Wedding Earrings

I couldn’t decide on earrings. I don’t know why.
Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

I love the fact that I look so freaking serious, like putting on earring requires some serious mental power.

J waiting for me

My man looking hot.
Photo courtesy: Andres Valenzuela

I just love this dude. He’s so hot. Especially when he’s wearing a suit.

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