Patrick Stewart knows his Bs

It’s taking a bit longer than expected to get through my photos but to hold you over Jon sent me this great smile making video of Patrick Stewart giving a Soliloquy on B. Yes, a little Shakespeare and a little Sesame Street and you have a few moments of happiness on YouTube.

Patrick Stewart is just awesome. How can you not love a man who wants to entertain kids and adults. Man, I love Sesame Street. One of these days I want to go to there.

2 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart knows his Bs

  1. KidsShakespeare says:

    I love this clip! It is such a great way to expose preschoolers to a little bit of Shakespeare.

    • I do too. I didn’t realize how much Sesame Street meant to me until I got older. When I have kids, they’ll be watch clips like these for sure.

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