The Wedding: Meet the Cast

So maybe there’s actually going to be 4 parts for this wedding photo montage. I couldn’t limit it down to 9 for the wedding ceremony & bridal party so I’m seperating those out. What can I say? I like sharing my photos that Andres Valenzeula took. And looking at my wedding photos again has put me in a good mood. Here we go!

The Team

Here’s the team of supporting players.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

This is the gang that kept us sane when all else was going crazy. (From L to R: Uly, Gayathri, Sean, Courtney, Dave, Erin, Chris & Jennifer.) A perfect amount of people who kept the humor and conversation going when we thought it would all be too much.


Bridal Party Pose

The brown barn & the blue just looks stunning.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

I think this photo sums them up well, Dave’s pose alone describes who he is. That’s the “I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m going to make a funny joke” stance.


The boys

The guys chit-chatting.
Photos by Andres Valenzuela

Here are the guys , they are all awesome! From left to right, we got Sean, one of Jon’s best friends then Dave, he and his girlfriend Ashley are our travel buddies. Uly is next and not only is he a phenomenal musician but a huge mentor to Jon. Of course last but not least is Chris, Jon’s older brother.


The Ladies

My girls looking fabulous… plus chicken the rooster.
Photos by Andres Valenzuela

I love these gals and couldn’t have survived planning without them. Half of them been through the wedding planning experience, while the other two reminded me, “Yo! Can you believe you’re doing this?” From left to right, Erin my best friend from high school, Jen my oldest friend and of course my Maid of Honor, Courtney my California girl and Gayathri my dearest friend since I started my first gig.

And then there’s Chicken the rooster who was the security at the event. He just wandered around the farm wanting food and to be held. He was like a dog! When Jon and I first saw him, he ran up to us wanting to be around people, we went running in the opposite direction, such city folk we are. By the end of the  day we couldn’t resist his little cuteness!


Wedding Team

Group shot!
Photos by Andres Valenzuela

The classic wedding group shot. However, in my head I was thinking to myself, “Oh thank gawd we made it through the ceremony and we survived. I can totally take a nap now.”


Party on, Girls!

The ladies getting funky!
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

Oh that champagne truly helped! Just a little reminder that it was time to relax. The hard part was over, partying with my friends was the next activity to enjoy. Notice the color of the dresses? Yep, an exact match to my shoes.


Guys Relaxing

We were all a fan of the champagne.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

This is probably one of my most favoritest wedding photos. Yes, people, favoritest is a word, I made it up therefore it exists. Jon’s face is so happy, everyone has a sincere, genuine smile and of course Chris was making a request just for a simple drink.


A happy group of people

A happy group of people, plus us.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

These are just some great snippets of what the day looked like for us. Going through all these photos really has made the trip down memory lane so awesome, I can’t wait for our album to come in.  Below are a few more photos that I totally love and wanted to share without any explanation needed.


The couple

Taking a walk & chatting.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

Laughing with Friends

It really was like hanging with friends.
Photos by Andres Valenzuela

Alright, next up the actual ceremony. At least now you get an idea of who was there, let’s see how the show went down.


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