Inspiration from Across Town

One of my favoritist bloggers is Maggie Mason, creator of MightyGirl. I actually came across her site a couple of years ago when I was looking for a list of things to pack for a trip to Greece. By the power of Google, this page came up number 5 when doing my search and I’m ever indebted to them for bringing me to her.

Maggie is a witty writer  who shares about her amazing travels, gorgeous clothes and everyday adventures whether they are big and small. I know she lives somewhere in San Francisco with her son and sometimes I wonder if we will ever have that cool moment where we’re on Muni together and we’re sitting across from one another and I just smile knowing who she is and the coolness that she makes. (But of course I’ll kill the moment by opening my big mouth and acting like I just met a celebrity and talk a mile-a-minute about how awesome I think she is, about her brillance in writing and how we should be besties or something like a crazy ex.)  All well, I think you’re awesome, Maggie!

Any-who! One of the great things that Maggie has put together is her Mighty Life List. The list compiles of the 100 things she wants to do before she goes and tons of it sounds amazing, while a few scare the poop out of me. (Like going on a multi-day biking trip, I would be freaked out the majority time wondering where would I poop at night.) But the list is real and honest. Even my homegirl, Oprah talked about it on her site and discussed about how somethings were out of this world awesome, while others were just things that can be easily done. It’s realistic with a dash of a dreamer. So with that excitement I too, like many others, have decided to take Maggie’s inspiration and create my own Life List. So here it is below, and maybe along the way I’ll add some more and make it a 1000 Things to Do in this life.

So here’s the first 100.

Go to every country that ends in the word “land” | Learn to speak Spanish, Italian & French fluently | Buy a Studio apartment in Paris | Walk the Brooklyn Bridge | Run the New York City Marathon | Bake a homemade pie | Host a cocktail & dinner party at our home on New Year’s Eve | Have a garden of fresh herbs and tomatoes | Own a house with stairs and a washer & dryer | To see the Northern Lights | See the Taj Mahal at sunrise | Make my own Christmas tradition with my family | Go to Oktoberfest | Take fencing lessons | Get a dog | Create my memoirs | Work from home | Become a mom | See New Zealand | learn how to make my own clothes | Learn how to shoot a gun | Learn how to use a darkroom and develop my own film | Make my own bottle of wine | Introduce Jon to my British side of the Family | Ride in a paddleboat down the Mississippi River | Give a tour at the Met | Compete in a triathlon | Take dance lessons with Jonathan | Own a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes | Work for Google | Take my Aunt on a vacation | Make a short film | Start my own business | Go to a Lady Gaga Concert | Go to a show in Las Vegas | Do a road trip with Jonathan | Go camping in Napa | Be the healthiest I can be | Go to Africa | See an Olympic event | Go to a World Cup Match | See a bull fight | Read all of the Bible | Learn to play a song on the piano | Watch every movie on AFI’s greatest movies of all time | Make a meal without using a recipe | Learn how to chop an onion evenly | Go scuba diving | See the pyramids | Take Jonathan to a pub in Oxford | Go to a bonfire party on the beach | Eat Texas BBQ in Texas | See Jerusalem | Own the White Album on vinyl | Take couple photos with Jonathan in San Francisco | Own an airstream trailer | Change my car’s oil | Watch a scary movie | Make a piece of furniture for our home | Go to the Mojave desert | Poach an egg | Learn how to surf on my own | Go to every State | Go to the Academy Awards | Go to the Sundance Film Festival | For 100 Days tell Jonathan the different reasons why I love him | Repair an old home | Spend a day at the Spa | Create a gift, instead of buying something | Make a tank of gas last a month in my car | Make a meal every night for a week | Go to the San Francisco Farmer’s Market at Embarcadero | Do an Anthony Bourdain food tour of a city | Watch a  sunrise and a sunset all in one day | Take a kickboxing lesson | Become a certified yoga teacher | See the Grand Canyon | Replicate an old photo with Jonathan | Go to Colombia with Jonathan | See the Redwoods | Learn how to properly use my camera | Read the Lord of the Rings | Go to all the Vineyards in Napa | Tithe | Treat a stranger to a meal | Pay for someone else at a toll booth | Host a holiday meal for those who have no where else to go | Give away free wrapping paper during the Holidays | Volunteer at a Teen Crisis Center | Surprise Jonathan with a trip | Own a wine bar | Go sailing | Teach a class | Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity | Read a book in a day | Try a new food | Climb a tree | Join a Flashmob | Stand on the Great Wall of China | Go to Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Lets see how this goes.

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