There are over …

There are over 550 photos on my cameras. Yep, 550 photos. You can say a bit much, I just say I’m trigger happy. And from those 550 photos I can assure you that my trip away was an amazing time.

My adventure seeking soul has been satisfied…. for now.

For a brief summary, I spent 2 weeks traveling around Spain with the partner in crime, my husband, and two of our closest friends. They all headed back to the States after that and then I navigated around the amazing city of Basel, Switzerland seeing some old friends for a week. The time away, resulted in me realizing that unplugging myself for a wee bit can be a good thing.

Plus I was able to accomplish one thing on my list. I got to see a bullfight and that is definitely an experience that I’m still processing through, with some photos.

In the mean time here are some highlights from Spain. Switzerland is so dang neutral that they get their own post all together.


First day, off to see the palace.

Spainish Bullring

Bullfights. Ole!

Standing in front of the AMAZING details of the Alhambra.

The palace in Granada

The palace in Granada. Doesn’t look like much but you will be blown away.

Jon in Granada

I love this photo of Jon. The light is hitting him so beautifully.

The resting place of Christopher Columbus

The final resting place of Christopher Columbus. It’s pretty freaking huge.

Jon and Erica in Toledo

Jon and I in Toledo, having a blast.

A photo that Jon & Dave took of Toledo at night, slowing down the shutter and setting a timer. Yep, that’s the moon glowing.

La Sagrada Família

The Sacred Church, still under construction.

The entrance to La Sagrada Família

The front tells the story of Jesus’ birth the back tells the story of the crucifixion. It’s breathtaking.

La Sagrada Família interior roof

The roof of the La Sagrada Família. It looks like flowers looking down.

Jonathan and Erica in Spain

Jonathan and I enjoying our time. Trying to think of ways to stay.

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