Lean, Mean Tea Drinking Machine

A year ago, if you had asked either Jon or I what was the most important thing on our wedding registry it would be this.

The Red Coffee Grinder

Tons of research was poured into the decision of getting this little grinder. Don’t get something too expensive that our friends can’t buy. But nothing to cheap either that would die on us within the first 6 months. And it comes in red?!? SOLD!

But in the last few months, I made the transition away from my coffee with a 1/3 cup of skim milk to a cup of tea with a 1/3 cup of skim milk. Not that I’m swearing it off for the rest of my life (I could never resist a good caramel macchiato.) Instead I wanted to prove to myself that I’m not seriously dependent on it everyday, like a true addict. So back in March I stopped using that cute little grinder to cut up fresh Trader Joe’s Fair Trade French Roasted Coffee beans for myself and started pouring hot water over my Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast Tea Bags.

To be honest, the transition for a week was ROUGH! By 10am I was having some intense migraine action and was downing some excedrin just to make it through the morning. My co-worker Josh bought me a Starbucks card in case of a relapse. Isn’t the point not to enable the addict?  Fortunately I made it through the dilemma and have been chugging down my very expensive tea, in lieu of my cheap coffee.

Now ever since I’ve known Jonathan he’s been a straight up black coffee drinker; black like his soul. Just kidding, honey. You have the cutest, best looking soul eva! I’m a fan of it. He would say that it was his quick punch in the face to get him going in the morning and sure enough once he had a cup he is much easier to communicate with. Poor dude never gets any peace with me around.

But recently, I’ve been hearing more requests for me to turn the kettle on in the morning vs. “can you turn on the coffee pot?” Slowly I think I’m transitioning my coffee addict husband down from three to four cups a day to maybe two to three and a cup of tea. Booyah! Helping save my husband’s life, one cup at a time.

Cutest Coffee mugs

His & hers coffee mugs. Guess which one is mine?

But now, I’m getting super sad about retiring our little coffee grinder and his companions. Will we ever see them again? Will they only be reserved for late night coding events for the hubster? Or will I only see them at dinner parties right before we start a game of iMAgiNiff? Or will they be used for a friend who has crashed on our couch and needs help recovering from the night before? I don’t know, coffee grinder and friends. Maybe you have been  officially retired. Maybe hubster will request your presence tomorrow morning. Until then you will sit on our counter because honestly I can’t imagine not having you there. Thanks for getting me through those rough mornings.

Coffee Maker and gang

Adios, amigos!

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