Weekend Recap: July 7 & 8

I love the weekends even if they’re filled with work, weird tv shows and marathon training. It’s all about the journey.

When Saturday rolled around, I was in the middle of a new project and couldn’t be torn away. I had begun the process on Friday and so when Jon got home that night all he got as he entered through the door was a “Hey. How are you? ::kiss:: I forgot to make dinner.” Needless to say, we were in our respective corners plugging away on our individual projects. No one could pry our laptops from our hands.  The downside, nothing got done around the house and the pile of dishes in the sink keeps on growing. I swear I thought I they were self-cleaning.

It’s safe to say that getting out and enjoying the sunshine was a slight bust on Saturday but sometimes that happens. Who hasn’t had a personal project consume them and all you can think is get this done, gotta get this done.

Sunday was actually one of the nicest days this week. Super sunny with a cool breeze blowing through our neck of the woods.

Washington Park

After church, Jon and I headed home to do some light tidying up (at least start the dishwasher) and then headed to the park for some jazz music and the sunshine. I’m not gonna lie, but heading to the park was probably the best thing that we did, cause now Jon and I have a new activity to do on the weekend. Picnic in the parks!

I think everyone in our town showed up and I thought it was going to be something small, but no! Moms, dads, kids, coolers, blankets and bottles of white vino were all in attendance to the event and these people were committed to having a good time. I thought it would be old people in their little lawn chairs! Guess I was wrong.

Park Fun

After a quick lunch at La Boulange we headed home; Jon to the couch with a beer and I headed to my 6 mile run around town. It was then followed by a little marathon of old episodes of Dexter which I’m watching for the first time… and trying to like.

Overall, it was a great few days away from the grind of things.

What did you do this weekend?

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