The Wedding: The Ceremony

A while back I started posting photos replaying our wedding, if you want to take a look at the prep and the cast, you can read about them on some older entries.

Anyways, I haven’t talked about it recently since there’s been a lot going on (vacation, new projects, birthday celebrations) and I needed some time to sort through and pick a few highlights. I finally did and so here’s the next round of photos from the big day. This time it’s the ceremony.

So in honor of being married for 10 months (and we still haven’t killed each other) here we go.

Our friend Dan married us, it was the first wedding he ever officiated. He did  a great  job and totally worked with us since we lived across the country.

Dan talking to Jon

Here’s Dan giving Jon one final chance to make a run for it. Seems like Jon was still pretty for sure.
Photos by Andres Valenzuela

Since you already saw photos of our bridal party here’s a photo of the smallest one and most impromptu, our ring bearer my cousin’s son, Nolan. Up until a week before the wedding we were hoping that he could be part of the day but weren’t sure if he could since his mom (my cousin’s wife) was pregnant. She was due actually a few days before the wedding but fortunately her daughter came a week early. Thanks Emma! 

Nolan was super adorable and walked down the aisle with my aunt since we weren’t sure if he was going to make it down on his own in the first place. He obviously couldn’t handle carrying the rings, which my aunt ended up doing, so he carried a box of raisins. Eh, it works.

Nolan the ringbearer

Nolan the ringbearer, with my aunt and a box of raisins.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela.

Here’s what he originally was suppose to carry.

Our ring pillow

Our ring “bears”. They were the first stuffed animals that we had when we were kids and so we made them part of our day. Paddington Bear for me and Alamo the Armadillo for Jon.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela.

I was totally cool with Nolan not making it down the aisle as long as these guys were part of our day. They each have so many memories for us. Plus it saved us a couple of bucks using our own “pillows” versus buying a special one for Nolan to drag around.

Ta da! Here I come. Well lets start off with the fact that I learnt the important lesson at that exact moment to not look at anyone else while you walk down the aisle, otherwise you will cry. (So ladies, whether or not you got your mom or your pops coming down the aisle with you, I say focus on your partner at the other end.) My girl Kate was taking video on her flip cam and I saw her getting tears in her eyes. As soon as I saw that I started to cry as well. That’s when I started chanting to myself, “Just focus on Jon. Just focus on Jon.”

Here comes the Bride!

Walking down the aisle.
Photos by Andres Valenzuela

Oh! And don’t forget to smile.

The wedding

All who were there to celebrate the love.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

Here are all the amazing people that traveled far and wide to be there on our day. It was awesome to see so many of them since for a while they were just names on a list. Not to sound harsh but I sort of forgot who were all coming to wedding. (I guess it was because I had a to-do list a mile long in my head.) So when I saw everyone I was beyond thrilled, it was an extra special surprise.

Vow prep

Laughing at realizing how far we’ve come.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

I think the best thing about having a friend officiate your wedding is that they know you. When we lived back in New York, I was a regular at Dan’s house hanging out with his wife and Jon spent a lot of time with Dan playing music. So it’s safe to say that they knew us before we got married and who we are as individuals. I was a high energy, pop culture fanatic, bubbly girl; while Jon was more on the emo, angsty side, who preferred guns and Nine Inch Nails. If someone told me back then that I would be marrying Jonathan, I woud have laughed in their face. Now, here we are.

Ring Exchange

Last chance to get out. Here’s the rings.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

Ring exchange. Enough said! We were pretty happy at the moment.

The Kiss

Now Kiss!
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

Yay the best moment ever with a wedding, the kiss! It was super hot too, I’m not going to lie. Time stood still at that moment and it felt like no one was there but us.

Now husband and wife

We did it! Now it’s legal.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

Shaking my booty because I’m so dang excited. Can you blame me? I just married my best dude. Plus, I was thrilled that the ceremony was over since I was so nervous during the whole thing. Seriously! I thought I was going to puke with so many people staring at me. Pretty glad that I didn’t since that would be a little awkward to explain to all our friends and family.

A few moments alone

Enjoying the first few minutes of wedded bliss.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

After walking out of that ceremony Jon and I did get a few seconds to ourselves before taking a photo with all the wedding guests. It was a perfect moment to stop and catch our breaths and enjoy each other. Side note: I highly recommend to any couple to take a few minutes after the ceremony to have by yourself with your significant other. For Jon and I we stood under a willow tree and just smiled. The whole reason you get married is to spend the rest of your life with someone and the ceremony was just the beginning. I wanted some time to breathe to take it in to realize that everything that we struggled and worked hard for led to this day of spending the rest of our lives together.

Hidden Photo

Our 15 minute break taking it in.
Photo by Andres Valenzuela

So couples, do it! Bask in the love that you have for you partner. Take the moment to say hello to your husband or wife, and get giddy over saying those words. Relax and laugh. Then go and jump into the party, saying hi to people that you haven’t chatted with in years.

2 thoughts on “The Wedding: The Ceremony

  1. Kate says:

    I’m sorry!! I’m not usually a crier, the tears attacked me against my will! You were just too beautiful 🙂

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