Batman Rescues the Game of Thrones

Like everyone else in the United States, Jonathan and I are counting down the minutes until tonight so we can get to a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Who’s not excited?! Plus, I think Christoper Nolan is so stinking smart. Please tell me one movie that sucked that he directed?!

In preparation, we decided to do a Christopher Nolan’s Batman marathon so we kicked it off the other night with Batman Begins. Like many people who are doing the marathon, I was a little surprised to see a horrible character from Game of Thrones making a guest appearance.

Meet the little boy who believes in Batman and gets saved by Katie Holmes, King Joffrey.

King Joffrey in Batman

“I believe in you, Batman.” ~ Little Prince Joffrey

Umm yeah I was thrown for a loop. I thought that little boy was absolutely stinking adorable seven years ago and now look at him.

King Joffrey of Game of Thrones

Evil King Joffrey

I swear he’s the only teenager that I truly despise. If you have not watched Game of Thrones, get on it. Then realize that this teenage kid is an amazing actor because you’ll just hate his character so much. I sometimes have to remind myself that he is not who portrays on tv.

Ok, I’m ready for tonight. I love you, Christopher Nolan.

One thought on “Batman Rescues the Game of Thrones

  1. Yeah, Jack Gleeson is an incredible actor, because Joffery makes my soul cry. Apparently he’s giving up acting though, or so I heard. I think that’s a terrible loss. I can’t wait for Batman! Ohh, it’s going to be good! A cool summer blockbuster, yay!

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