Running, Brunch & Inspiration

A couple of months ago I had written a post about the 100 things I wanted to do in my life. I got the inspiration from the Mighty Girl and her 100 Things to Do. I also talked about how awesome I think she is and how I wonder if I would ever bump into her in San Francisco. I would need to act cool but I would probably open my big mouth and sound like a crazy person. Well. ::Sigh:: I met her over the weekend and I wasn’t very cool. I opened my mouth. ::face…to…keyboard::

On Sunday, one of my good friends Valerie was running the 2nd half of the San Francisco Marathon. (Which I have to say is a great course since they allow you to run the first half or the second making it less crowded throughout the whole route. Unlike some other races.) Unfortunately, I couldn’t join her since I wasn’t prepared for it and I just started my training for New York City which has me doing 5 miles so I don’t injure myself. Instead my friend Sarah and I decided that we would meet her along the route and run with her for a mile or two in the Mission. After trying to find Val in a sea of people she found us and we coasted along, chatting about the race and trying to figure out where we were going to eat brunch that morning. While running past Andalu we made the decision to eat there; so I quickly jumped out of the race, ran in made a reservation and started running to catch up with the girls.

As I was running, (with my purse, jeans, glasses and sweatshirt), I saw MightyGirl on the side of the street walking. After reading her blog, I had a feeling it was her and I started to smile. So thinking this was a once in a life time chance I ran up to her hoping to say something cool and at the same time not totally weird. All that came out of my mouth was, “I just wanted to say that I love your blog.” Yeah, that was my great, opening, one-liner.

I’m thankful that she was kind and receptive to a random stranger running to her (and away from her). I wish I was a little smarter and thought through what I was going to say to her. Now looking back, I wish I could’ve told her that I love her clothing choices, I pack smarter for trips, appreciate the fact that she likes Battlestar Galactica and I read some new cool blogs too. Instead, I was a little awkward. Ok, I was a whole lot of awkward. UGH! 

Maybe one day I’ll redeem myself and not look so stupid. Until then I will have to remember that sometimes, keeping my mouth shut and smiling is a better response to seeing the people that you admire.

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