Running On Low

I’m trying really hard on not being discouraged with my running.

When I started two years ago I fell in love with the sport and couldn’t get enough of spending time with my girlfriends and logging in the miles. Now, I dread waking up and going for an easy seven and feel like I run slower then molasses being poured out of a jar.

The New York Marathon is 92 days away and counting and in a weird sense I feel really unprepared for it. I know I’ve just started my training and I’m doing well but I’m afraid that I’m not as strong as I should be. See, my goal is to do the race in about 4:30, but the means running a 10:15 mile, and on my longer runs I’m closer to a 10:30 right now. So I’m trying to be ok with the idea of running the race under 4:59, maybe a more realistic goal without injuring myself and at the same time pushing myself hard to run faster then my last marathon.

My last marathon was the 2010 Nike Women’s Marathon here in San Francisco. I completed it in 5:45. It was cold, wet and a horrible race when I was preparing for the warmer weather. I over hydrated on gatorade so much that by the time I crossed the finish line my fingers were swollen up. It wasn’t a pretty site and I was thrilled to have completed it so now I’m trying to have a better memory of running a marathon and doing a Personal Record.

This weekend I’m running 9 miles, the longest I’ve run since early May and I’m hoping to pace better. I’ve got new shoes, new gear and new chewys to chomp on during the day. The downside is that my arches are super sore from blistering up and so they’ve become super sensitive, even if I put gel on them. I start feeling pain at around the 4/5 mile mark and running on California’s curved roads doesn’t help. I’m trying to not let it get to me, but it sort of is. BLAH!

Regardless, the track and field events begin today during the Olympics and I’m excited. (Here come the fastest human beings in the world.) I think watching them run today will be a great training inspiration to get me out of bed tomorrow. If they don’t work then I know this kid will. He gets me every time. Yes, I’m a sucker for marketing campaigns!

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