Everyone has a story

The last few days have been a little chaotic. Jon and I are prepping to head out for the weekend on a camping trip. I’ve been trying to get some ducks in a row, maintain my running schedule and keep my basil plant alive.

With me running around like a crazy person, I like to have my iPod filled with stuff for me to listen to as I try not to go mental. One of my favorites right now is listening to stories from StoryCorps. If you don’t know what that is I suggest you head over to their site pronto. They allow people the opportunity to record their stories for free, air it on NPR and keep a copy in the Library of Congress. Their site has tons of stories and I can’t get enough of them. They also started animating a few of them which to me is the perfect treat to watch. Of  course I always end up in tears, but I can’t stop.

Here’s a great one below. Man, even re-watching it is making me tear up again. I hope Jon and I have a love like this one day when we’re old and grey.

Just love it!

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