100 Things To Do: The White Album

Hola Amigos!

I have returned from my few days of camping in the great wilderness and I’m happy to report that I know my limit in camping and it’s for 4 days/ 3 nights. Yep, that’s the limit. Not that I don’t like the great outdoors and spending time swimming in a beautiful lake, but I’m not a huge fan of sleeping in a tent and putting on shoes when I need to go to the bathroom at night. I’ve got boundaries.

So while we were away we received a few vinyl records in the mail. If you don’t know, Jon and I have a record player and we love using it. I love the popping sound that you can only get on a record player. The great thing is that records are pretty reasonable nowadays for some of the older albums while the newer ones can be a little pricey. But we have some classics in the collection, like Phil Collins, The Doors and U2.

Well one of the albums that I’ve always wanted to own is the The Beatles’ White Album. It’s one of my favorites since high school because there are so many awesome songs on it. You know how you have that album and every time a new song starts you think, “Oh my gawd! I love this song!!” Isn’t that one of the best feeling in the world? That’s how I feel about the White Album, I just keep humming along. Deep down inside I should’ve been a teenager in the 60s. I would’ve been an awesome hippie.

Now, The White Album is pretty pricey, ok a whole lot of pricey. I’ve seen copies on sale for around $300 and thats just for a partially perfect copy. But for me, I don’t want a perfect copy. I just want one that I can listen to when I’m reading a book or drinking a glass of wine and typing in my blog, I’m not asking much. I just don’t want Jonathan to get pissed at me for spending our 401K on an album, that might put me in the dog house and I don’t want that. So I’ve held off on buying it until maybe I can afford it at a reasonable price. Instead, I came home to an amazing surprise.

Before we left for our trip, Jonathan had seen a copy on eBay and had bought it for me so when we came home it was here and waiting. I was totally shocked! This is one of those, “well maybe one day” sort of things and sure enough he got it for me to help me achieve my dreams. It’s great to know that he supports me in my list of 100 Things and now I have 2 things marked off.

The White Album Cover

I’m loving the age of this cover! It looks like it’s been so love.

Inside of the White Album

I use to think John Lennon was the cutest, but now I think that George was hot stuff. He just has that quiet look about him. He totally got better with age. What a stud!

The White Album Poster

And included with the album is this awesome poster. Is it wrong of me that I want to hang it above our bed? I don’t think the husband would appreciate it but I so want to!

I can’t wait to start playing the album tonight! I’m already humming “Blackbird”, “Dear Prudence” & “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” in my head. I am one happy girl!

Two down, 98 more to go…

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