Finding the Bling

Oh what a life I lead! So this entry has been a work in progress since last Friday and at first it wasn’t funny but now it sort of is.

Last Friday, Jonathan headed off to work to like any other day. He patted Helo on the head, drank a cup of coffee, gave me a kiss goodbye and off he went. Just a regular old day until he got to the office where it was team building day. On team building days the office goes off an adventure to, you guessed it, build team morale. This time they decided to head to the Shoreline in Mountain View for some canoeing fun. While on this little adventure, Jonathan fell out of the boat and lost his wedding band, exactly 11 months after our wedding.

At first, I was pretty mad at Jon for losing it, but then I realized that I couldn’t really blame him. The water was pretty shallow and the dirt was pretty much clay, anytime you stepped in it all you saw was a cloud of mud. It would be hard to find a ring in there. After two hours of searching he called me to tell me the bad news and lets just say I didn’t respond very well to it. I was heartbroken but ended up meeting up with him to help in the hunt. Sure enough no luck.

While I was driving down there, Jonathan decided to order a water-proof metal detector which was expected to arrive after the weekend. I don’t want to know how much it costs.It arrived and we headed out early in the morning before he had to go to work to do some hunting for the ring. While hunting, quite a few people kept coming up to us and asking what we were finding/hunting for, I told them, “my husband is trying save his marriage”, that seemed to work.

The man on the Hunt.

 This is what I saw from the shore for two hours while he was treasure hunting. The guy is cute but the face just says it all. I really wish I took a photo of how crappy the shore was. He would stick a small shovel into areas where he heard something and then move to another part of the coast to continue the search. I would go to where the shovel was and try to dig around and see what I could find that set the detector off.

In all honesty, the thing worked but it really didn’t find us what we were looking for in the first place. Instead, we found these hidden treasures.

The bounty!

If you can’t tell, it isn’t much but what we got out of the hunt was a metal needle, a metal cap, a metal rod that looks like poop and a penny. Yep, a penny. We’re on our way to making up what we’ve lost.

Unfortunately, we never found the ring and although Jonathan wants to go again to hunt for it, I know there is no way we can find it again. Apparently the lake use to be a junk yard too so that just double confirms it for me. But to be honest, the thing that stood out to me the whole time was how much Jonathan was dedicated to find the ring. Like I said, I was really upset when he lost it. That was the ring that I put on his finger when we got married and even though it’s just a metal object I was sad that it was gone. However, Jonathan did all in his power to find it, buying a water-proof metal detector, driving in the early mornings & hunting multiple times. He’s awesome like  that and I fell in love with him a little more.

So now we’re heading to the store to get him a new one and I’m OK with it now. At least we’re going through the fun parts of wedding planning. To celebrate we’re going to have a little recommitment ceremony and maybe, if I’m really good, I’ll get another sparkly ring out of it. 🙂

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