Carb Maker

I’m uber proud of myself today. I got a few things accomplished. Here’s what I did:

ran an errand

went to the grocery store

did a load of laundry

started a new project for work

went to the bank

make dinner

and baked a loaf of BREAD

Yes, I accomplished a bunch of thing today around the house and for work but the greatest thing that I’m thrilled with is making a loaf of bread. Here’s the completed project.

Fresh homemade bread. Doesn’t it look yum?!

Thanks to this little guy the house smells amazing. Like insanely amazing! I’m trying to resist the urge to take a corner off and see how it came out. Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m trying not to inhale the whole thing.

Ok, so the recipe and inspiration came from this blog post that I found thanks to the powers of Google. I had been thinking about baking my own bread to save money but then I realized the bigger health benefits of it. Although, my first attempt is white bread I at least know the ingredients in it. When I was at the grocery store today, I took a look at some of the ingredients in a loaf of wheat bread and I actually had no idea what some of the ingredients were. It’s kind of crazy when you start reading science in your food, you start to wonder what’s in there.

So now I’m attempting to save the cash and bake as many loaves that I can to have handy around the house. It’s amazing how little is needed to put it together, the only thing I didn’t have was yeast and I bought it from Trader Joe’s for $1.00. However, it’s pretty time consuming needing two separate hours to rise. The good thing is that with my current schedule I can easily fit it in.  The husband just tasted it and he’s trying to resist the urge to eat more. I’m trying to make him stop so we at least have some handy for tomorrow’s breakfast. Oh I can’t wait to have some with raspberry preserves and a cup of tea.

Side note: its the best arm exercise ever. I had to spend 10 minutes kneeding the dough and I ain’t going to lie but my arms hurt. I’m on my way to getting Michelle Obama arms.

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