One Year Plus Some

Last month, Jon and I went to Hawaii to celebrate one year of marital bliss union. We spent a few days in Hawaii lounging around, reading and enjoying our time together; that part was bliss.

Looking back, I wish I could relive the day over and over again. Not only was it fun marrying my best friend but I loved having so many loved ones in a barn. The one thing that sometimes you forget about while wedding planning is that it’s one day and the most important day is the day after and after that. You have a wedding to be married, to spend your life with someone and that’s where the real party begins. This year has been full of adventures and growing pains for me. I realized how selfish I was and once you’re married you learn rather quickly that there’s another person in the picture that you need to bounce ideas off of.  It’s not always easy but over time you understand the person a little better.

Here’s a few things that I would tell myself on my wedding day if I could go back to the big day.

1. You will get woken up at 3am to the sound of your husband playing his electrical drum kit and recording music. Invest in ear plugs.

2. You’re going to own a cat, Jon will be the fun parent, you’re going to be the basic needs parents (i.e. feeding him, making sure he has water, and cleaning the litter box). This is a great test drive to see how you’re going to be as parents, you are warned.

3. You’re not automatically going to turn into Sally Homemaker, deal with it. Being a wife is not what it was on 1950s tv shows, so get that idea out of your head.

4. You’re still going to fight, this time you can’t leave. You have to stay there and solve the problem. Don’t let it fester. Decide the way you’re going to change or how you will react differently. You’ll screw up sometimes, but learn from those mistakes.

5. In one night he’s going to eat 7 packets of oatmeal, which means no breakfast for you in the morning. LET IT GO! You can eat the Oatmeal at Starbucks.

6. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean he’s going to stop playing with Pulse. In fact he’s going to make you like it and you’re going to hate him for that.

7. He’s going to love you when you’re not being loveable and that’s when you fall in love with him more.

8. He’s going to stay weird, he’s still going to be the post-apocalyptic, survivalist, techie, geekie guy. However, this time you get to control the wardrobe, to some extent….

9. ….he’s going to buy more camo cargo pants and wear them in public. Try not to burn them.

10. You’re new Saturday morning tradition will be waking up, starting the coffee pot & tea kettle and then climbing back into bed with the cat and him. It’s bliss, but still try to squeeze in a run.

11. You’re still going to make each other laugh until you cry.

12. He still goes to all your races and waits for you at the finish line.

13. He’s still in your corner.

14. He’s going to lose the wedding band, try not to kill him. He already feels bad, just know the vows are still the same.

15. You get better at traveling together, there’s a plus. (However, his Spanish is pretty bad.)

16. He’s still going to drive you up the wall doing those little things that annoy you. Remind him it bothers you and know that one day he will eventually learn. Pick your battles.

17. Make sure you show him how much you love him everyday.

18. If you’re away for a weekend, call ahead at least 2 hours before you get home. This way it gives him time to pick up the mess that he made while you were gone so you never have to see it.

19. Anytime he offers to cook, have him heat up the grill. He’ s actually pretty good at grilling and it makes cleanup so easy.

20. He hogs the blankets in bed. You might as well buy two, one for you and one for him. This way no one wakes up shivering.

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