Coming Back to Life

You know how sometimes you’ll have those really quiet moments in your life and then BAM! everything hits all at the same time? Yep, that’s what my life has looked like for the last two weeks. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just trying to get some order in my life. I’ve lost my routine and I hate that. However, the one thing that comes with me being this crazy is that I got a gym membership and oh how I’ve missed going to the gym.

I’m not a big gym rat. I’ve never really been the one to obsess going over everyday but having a place to go and burn off steam has been beneficial to my marriage. 🙂 Not that Jon and I fight a lot but there are a few things here and there that still drive me up that wall that I need to “work out”. (Pun intended) But since the weather is still gorgeous here and hitting the the low 80s/high 70s it’s been a perfect time to get s0me swimming in since I’m still holding off on running.

If you’re not aware, I had to pull myself out of the NYC Marathon this year due to an injury. I was feeling a lot pain in my foot & knee at mile 2 when I was trying to do 18 miles. I didn’t feel safe running that distance and after mile 6 the pain was getting worse. I went to see a Dr. and they gave me the official verdict of not this year, but maybe next year. I was heart broken and depressed for a while but knew that pushing myself could only make it worse and do some serious damage. I bowed out while I could and have been told that I’ll be guaranteed entry for next year. I’m glad I get the chance to still run it, but giving up the dream of running with Paula has been a little hard.

I’m planning on a slow return to the sport. As much as I want to jump in right away, I know that I’m going to resent it if I get injured, so I’m going to start with just 2 miles. It’s a far cry from where I use to be but I think that 2 is a good start. I think today might be the day to start.  It’s overcast with a lovely shade of grey and there’s a cool breeze. Plus running now means I’ve got it over and done with for the day. So it’s decided. Today is the day where the sneaks come out, get laced up and are put to use.

This is a good way to start a weekend!

What every runner thinks at least once.

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