Another One Bites the Dust

Ladies, lets take a moment to grieve the loss of one of the greats. Throw on a little black dress, some heels and bow your head as we say good bye to the man who brought Sexy Back. Yes, it is time to say farewell to the Single Justin Timberlake that we all know and loved.

As you may have heard, our dear JT took the giant leap of life and made Jessica Biel his one and only. AWWW! Yes, they’re adorable together. Yes, they’re that couple that you want to hang out with at a pub and play pool or darts with. And YES, they’re babies will be the cutest things around. BUT!! For those of us ladies who thought he was the most adorable of the memorable gang, N’SYNC it’s time to let go of the dream that when he sang “It’s gonna be me” we really thought it was gonna be him.

I loved you, Justin. You are adorable. I swooned as you sang, acted and made me laugh on SNL with the Single Ladies skit. I melted when you told me, “Like I Love You” and played the guy who lost control in Alpha Dogs. I couldn’t resist your sweetness when you took the Marine Officer the Marine Corps Ball, that was just the best. Lets not forget the dance moves and the excellent fashion taste. Yes, Justin, you have been in my life for a while.

But lets be honest, it’s great that the man finally found love and how can you not love Jessica Biel. Sure she had that the shaddy photo stint in Gear Magazine a while back ago but she’s totally built herself out of that and well now she does movies and isn’t pegged just for the girl from 7th Heaven. Plus, she’s just as fashion forward as her man, looking glam fab on the red carpets and looking uber cuter casual when they’re out and about. They work well together, it makes sense. Especially when you see photos like this and realize how happy they are. Doesn’t his face just gush, I love my girl?!

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel. Photo from

So now, I shed a single tear for those teen idol dreams of maybe one day meeting the man and falling in love. (Yeah, that would be super awkward now since I’m married.) Instead, I’ll play some good old Justified & No Strings Attached tunes and smile, remembering how much I loved the Bye Bye Bye video. I can’t wait to see those wedding photos online soon. 🙂

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