Techie Showdown: Who Won Tuesday

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a bit of a tech girl. I don’t often times post about it here, but I tend to check Mashable, BuzzFeed, Reddit & TechCrunch  first thing in the morning while I’m still in bed and rubbing the crust out of my eye. Weird, I know. However, there were two things that happened today that I couldn’t resist to talk about. Please, indulge me a little.

First, Apple unveiled the iPad Mini to the world and I have to say it looks great. I’m already an owner of the iPad and I’m happy with that. I use it a lot when I’m in the kitchen or want to check something quickly while on the couch when my laptop is shut down. The mini is cute, but Google already has one out on the market and the Kindle Fire is available as well, and those guys are cheaper. There has been talks about the mini iPad and I am glad that there is the option, however it’s not the first thing I’ll be grabbing the next time I’m at the Apple Store. One of the people quoted in the Wall Street Journal mentioned the fact that there are some comments brewing that Apple is losing their edge of innovation, and I tend to agree. Some of the most recent things that Apple has release are just plays off of old products. It’s an improvement on an innovation with an expensive price tag. For me, that’s all that it is.

Meanwhile, in gaming studios across the country, apparently Zynga has laid off over 100 employees in Austin and shut down the Boston office. This all happened when Apple was doing their unveiling. You know, so this way they can keep the news on the DL (my theory). I don’t blame them (keep the bad press about them low), but at the same time it’s a little harsh. Zynga has a rise and dips like any great story. They scored huge on the Facebook gaming scene and totally ran with it. They grew, grew and grew and went public with high hopes for greatness. However, we all know that they’re stock prices took a huge drop over the summer and now they’re around $2. Now they’re feeling some pressure as they have investors taping them on the shoulder saying, “so where’s my money?” It’s not easy to deal with people looking over your shoulder, trust me, but the way it was handled just goes to show you how bad things are for them. Those who were fired were part of games that were failing and when you’re getting financially tight you need to cut costs somewhere. I understand the decision, but as someone who has been watching the gaming industry from afar, I can’t help but wonder what’s the next step for those in Silicon Valley. Do you a throw lifeline to these guys or do you watch a comrade burn as a warning for future generations?

Don’t worry, tomorrow we return to our regularly scheduled program.

One thought on “Techie Showdown: Who Won Tuesday

  1. R O B says:

    While I was waiting for the iPad mini, the new IMac blew me away, Super slim no optical drive. nice display, Unfortunately I believe it will be the beginning of the end of the optical drive. The hybrid hdd, flash drive concept is something That I think it will soon become standard on all there apple products.

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