First off, I think I either have tonsillitis or strep throat. Yes, I self diagnosed myself yesterday after having a sore throat since Sunday. It’s getting pretty painful after gargling warm, salty water, sucking on Ricola and drinking tea that last night I ate ice cream for dinner. I still think it’s tonsillitis, but Jon thinks its just strep throat. We’ll see who’s right in the end.

Ok, so there are three major things that have happened in the last few weeks that I really wanted to talk about and since they’re so old I’m not sure whether or not to talk about them. It’s like rehashing the past and since I like to blog I really should be relevant, but I’m one of those people who need time to think things through before I open my mouth, otherwise I get in trouble. (Ask Jonathan, I don’t know how many fights I’ve had to stop and calm down because I’m afraid of saying something awful.) I’m going to do it anyways, you are warned, because they’re still important to me. So here are the topics:

1. George Lucas sells Star Wars & EVERYTHING to Disney

2. Superstorm Sandy, New York and the NYC Marathon

3. Start Ups of Silicon Valley on Bravo

Since the first is the oldest news, I’m going to work my way back. (I’ll be relevant one way or another.) At least it’ll allow me to get back on track with my life.

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