Happy Turkeys & President Bartlet

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving! Also known in the online world, Cyber Monday! I, however, have no deals under my belt, all I did today was cook (don’t judge me), coupon, do a load of laundry (only A load, since our washermachine broke), work for some clients, and of course try to find new ways to save money. Overall, it was a good day. I did get one get deal yesterday thanks to the cyber weekend from DSW, $15 off of an order of $75 with an additional $10 off from a coupon I have. Yep, $50 for two pairs of shoes. I love it when a deal comes together.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break. Prior to my shopping experience and all day housewifing Monday, I spent my holiday being sick. Yes, I was sick on Thanksgiving Day and in turn gave it to Jonathan, who got ill on Saturday. It was a crummy sort of day but Jon came home with leftovers from a friend’s home, which are the best things ever, and I caught up on reruns of The West Wing.


The West Wing Cast

Jon and I have been watching old episodes of The West Wing since the end of October. It’s actually pretty interesting to watch 13 years after the fact and around an election. They talk about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, life before 9/11, gay marriage and actually utter the phrase, “use Google” instead of “Googling it”. It’s a little weird, but it’s an interesting view point of how far we’ve come. I love this show, I really didn’t pay any mind to it until one of my college professors, Professor Cobbey, talked about it so much in class that we couldn’t ignore it. Actually, I think  a few episodes were a part of an assignment to watch and write on. Although, I think the show is brilliant writing at it’s best, I’m actually kind of glad that I never really watched all the way through in college. I don’t think at that time I would appreciate it as much as I do now.

In a weird sense, the show reminds me of this little hope that we all have for a perfect President and we all know that could never exist. I love Martin Sheen’s interpretation of a President Bartlet, it makes me wish he was real. I would love a President who was witty, an economic genius and kind-hearted to not only his employees but his constituents as well. Of course, he does get himself into some uncomfortable situations but, as expected, he does the right thing, how we like all our tv shows to end. Each ending with a lesson realizing how much better this world could be if we just spent time caring for one another.

We’re now on Season 3, which aired about 6 weeks after 9/11. they kicked off the season with an open air conversation about Islamic extremists with high school students, a pretty brilliant episode. It was one of those that highlighted to me of what was and what has been. If you never seen, get on it. It may be old but the writing is still strong after all these years. It kind of makes me wish that I worked in the West Wing, but I’m sort of glad that I don’t. I just want to hang out with Josh, CJ, Sam, Donna, Charile & the President. Yeah, that would make my day more.

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