Holiday Cheer From Across the Pond

For a few years, after college I would spend my Christmas holiday with my family in England. I would fly out a few days before the holiday and then celebrate until New Year’s Eve enjoying good food, good drink and  good people. I have such fond memories of celebrating Christmas in England and every winter season I get a little sad that I’m not there with my family enjoying two Thanksgiving meals in one day. 🙂 It’s a riot, I tell you. However, my Aunt Chris, always sends me a special treat that makes me partially smile and the other part tear up a little. (Jon hears me talk about every little detail of Christmas in London that I think he just wants to go and experience it for himself.) Each year, she sends me an Advent Calendar by Jacquie Lawson filled with scenes from London, my most favorite city in the world.

Jacquie Lawson London Advent Calendar

Jacquie Lawson London Advent Calendar

It’s crazy but this little animated computer program gets me in the mood every single time. Growing up, I never had an Advent Calendar so I wasn’t really use to purchasing one every December when I got older. Now, I have something to look forward to each year and plus see some of the highlights of London town. Speaking of which…

This weekend Jon and I went with some friends to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair at Cow Palace. They run only on the weekend and I have to say that it was pretty cute. Everything inside is suppose to look like what London was during Charles Dickens time. During our time there, we got to see Queen Victoria on parade, a live performance of A Christmas Carol and drink Buttered Rum. We also found a like antique book store in there as well and spent so time admiring antique books from the 1800s. If you get a chance, I would say go! It’ll put you in the holiday spirit as actors say “Happy Christmas!”in period pieces and try to speak in Cockney accents, which is pretty stinking adorable. 


Welcome to Old Time London!

What are some of the things that truly make you feel that you’re in the Holiday Spirit??

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