Holiday Haze

Hola Amigos! I hope you all had wonderful time celebrating the holidays in 2012 with friends and family. I did and I’ve been in a coma for the last four days working from the comfort of my couch, the house coming back into order, and eating all the leftovers around the kitchen. Its been fabulous and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To catch you up, here’s how we started the Holiday fest of 2012.

On the Friday before Christmas, Jonathan and I were talking about putting a dinner together for Christmas Day. We started to make the menu and realized that the amount of money that we would spend on food was going to be pretty high since we needed to get all the ingredients together. At the same time we were surfing the interweb to see who would be selling some pieces of turkey and a small ham. The reason being, I don’t really care for ham. If I have to eat it I will, but I really don’t like the stuff and prefer to have turkey at Christmas. Jonathan on the other hand LOVES it, to the point where he says that he’s not sure how he married me since I don’t consume it the same way he does. Anywho….. We noticed that the Mollie Stone’s down the street from our house offered a family holiday deal. You can get either a turkey or ham with stuffing, mashed potatoes, string beans & peppers, rolls, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for the same price of buying all the ingredients. We decided to go with the offer and I picked up a little tray of turkey for myself. Here’s the downer though, the order was for 10-12 people. Yep, we’ve been living in a sea of  leftovers for about two weeks now. It’s awesome at first, but then all you want to do is eat something different, but you can’t let the food go to waste. Regardless, we placed the order on Friday morning and it was ready for pick up on Christmas Eve around lunch time. It was so easy to pick up, reheat and enjoy the next day. I’m already planning on doing the same thing next year, depending on what our plans are.

On Christmas Eve, we made sure there was enough room in the fridge for all the food and hung around the house watching Christmas movies and drinking some wine. I had a craving for cookie dough and ended up making a batch of cookies for Santa, but mostly for Jon. They’re still sitting on our counter. Growing up with my Hispanic family in New York, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Baby Jesus brought the presents and we watched everyone open their gift one at a time. Jon didn’t really grow up with the tradition but it was something that I wanted to keep with my family so at midnight we open one present which is usually pajamas that we buy one another. We fell asleep in our new jammies and woke up the next morning to all the joys that Christmas has to offer.

I had been looking forward to Christmas for one simple reason, I got the best gift for Jonathan but convinced him it was for the cat. I had bought Jon a Lego set of R2-D2. My only hesitation for buying it was that Jonathan would most likely hack it and put some electronics on it so it can actually roll around our house.


Adorable, right?!

Well I had convinced Jon that I got this for our cat, Helo, instead.

Yeah, totally something I would buy

Yeah, totally something I would buy.

Ok… seriously, maybe one day I will buy this for Helo but not really something that you would get the little guy for Christmas. Anyways, so Jon saw a pretty big box wrapped up under the tree. Acting like any boy he immediately thought it was for him, I jokingly said “No, it’s for Helo.” He believed me and I kept rolling with it. I didn’t plan on lying to him but I thought if I could convince him now, how surprised he would be on Christmas Day.

I was dying to have him open it first but I thought that would give it away. Instead, I proceeded with our holiday traditions of us first and then anything we got for the cat (we usually wrap up new cat toys or cat treats for the little guy). When I finally convinced Jon to sit with Helo and help him open his present, he was completely unsuspecting.

A very unhappy cat, with a very unaware husband.

A very unhappy cat, with a very unaware husband.

Instead, I got the cutest reaction, ever. A grown man reverting back into a 10 year old, excited for the new toy that he gets to play with.


You can never go wrong with Legos.

The best part?! I got about five to six hours of silence around the house while the dinner was cooking. We had originally planned on going to see Les Miserable that night, however we ended up getting a rain check since the theater was so small and the only seating available was in the third row. Instead, I was able to listen to Christmas music, read my book on Argo, drink some wine and enjoy a relaxing day while my husband was engrossed with his new toy.


It was a great Christmas all around. I got to talk to family in England, relax and enjoy some delicious food. Hope you had a great time enjoying your family and friends.

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