2013: The Year of Declutter

One of my big goals for the New Year was to declutter my life and home. Jon and I tend to hold onto things thinking we can use them for a future project. However, the problem is they just pile up and we don’t get rid of it so our bedroom tends to suffer because of it. So this week, I’ve been planning on tossing everything that I don’t need in our bedroom out to make a calming and relaxing space. That was the original thought process.

It turns out that our bedroom suffers from a little moisture problem. Once we started diving into clearing stuff out, we found a few of our items had some mold on it. Fortunately, we caught it early enough that a little bleach and water combo has really done the job to clean things off, however we’re wiping down EVERYTHING in the bedroom. Now, the rest of the house is filled with all the stuff that was in our room either waiting to be cleaned or drying off and seeing if they need another clean down. Jon suffers from allergies so this hasn’t been helping him at all. I suffer from overwhelming clutterness, so this is freaking me out and I’m losing my mind. The bright side though, is that we can do a new layout in the bedroom to create more space AND get rid of the crap that’s just hanging around.

So to begin, here’s a quick sketch that I did of our bedroom before the clean. It’s not to scale at all but it shows you how much stuff that we have crammed in there.

The Bedroom Before

The Bedroom Before

For the record, yes, those two shoe storage units are for me. They’re part of The Real Simple Collection at Bed, Bath & Beyond and I got the cube unit with two cloth drawers and cube dividers. They hold a lot of shoes and I know I have to down size my collection more but I at least have them open and available so they’re not hogging precious closet space that we don’t have much of. Jon has like 5 pairs of shoes so he has them in the closet.

The thing is the room gets messy real fast. Our hamper usually sits in front of the DVD shelves and if you leave something on the floor, it gets cramps right away. It’s tight with so much stuff in it and really I don’t think we can handle it anymore so I’ve come up with a new layout and Jon is fortunately totally down for it.

Again, it’s not drawn to scale but you can see how much more room we have.

The Bedroom after the remodel.

The Bedroom after the remodel.

The one downside is that the cable wire won’t make it to the TV, but that’s ok. We have Apple TV set up on it so we can easily climb into bed and watch a tv show or movie. We’re going to put it on top of the bureau to get rid of the TV stand so that gets at least one part of furniture out of the room. The thing that I’m looking forward to is having access to the closet. When things get crazy, like first thing in the morning, I’m usually trying things on, changing my mind and then throwing it in the closet. It would get a little messy right in front of the door but now I have a little more space to pull things out stand in front of the mirror and see that my ensemble is ok.

I’m really excited for the new layout. However, the transition of getting there is driving me insane. Like I said, everything is everywhere right now and I really want to run away and not deal with it but it needs to get done. I’ve been dealing with this since Monday so I’m a little exhausted and drained by the process. We ordered a dehumidifier for the bedroom so we’re hoping that’s going to help, until then we’ve open the windows a crack just to prevent moisture from developing. It’s freezing in there, but we rather deal with the cold than have more mold on things.

Ok, I’ve procrastinated enough. Back to cleaning.


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