Curse You, Illustrator: A Love Story

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to invest some quality time updating my professional website and giving it a little flair with my own personal touch. I spent a few days getting completely lost in it, I wanted a specific look with a female, professional touch to not only be creative but gorgeous as well. It was wonderful. I hit a point where I needed to create a logo and played around with a Photoshop idea that worked as a good space filler but then Jonathan suggested that I use Illustrator.

In college, I took a design class that I loved, because I could color and sketch in my notebook all day long. The professor encouraged it and always left remarks if he liked it. In that course, we had the option to design a magazine cover, CD layout, or something else. (I wrote “CD layout”, I’m seriously dating myself here.) I remember making the CD case and before taking on our individual project, we had an introduction to Illustrator and Photoshop. I remember the professor saying the whole time, “well just play with it, you’ll learn along the way.” Needless to say I spent many late nights working on that project trying to figure out the basics. After that, I’ve had to use it so little that I forgot how to use any of the tools.

Jonathan used it throughout college and when he created his own game. It’s safe to say that he knows the ins and outs of the program. On a Saturday morning, after a good run, he sat me down and showed me some of the basics. This is how you make a shape, change colors, manipulate an object, create layers, shading, etc. It was enough to get me going and remind me how creative I can be with an idea. I was hooked and loved it.

After 8 hours, I was able to create a banner that I was proud of . I had a lot of problems with the colors but thankfully after tons of hunting on Design Seeds I found a few colors that I think go well together. I gave myself a little break and then decided to take the concept and turn it into my business card. PERFECT!! A design that I’ve already done that shows how cool I am, lets roll with it.

Now here comes the issues…

I can’t think of another creative and just as gorgeous ways to share my info and expertise on the back. UGH!!!! I’ve been playing with ideas and I’m getting so nit-picky and confused that I’m not sure what to do anymore here. So here’s where I am.


Plus, it doesn’t help when Illustrator gets hyper-sensitive in the movement department  and when you see an issue but don’t know what the problem is. Have you ever had that? I had put my skills into a banner and knew that something was off, but I couldn’t tell what. I’ve been staring at it and I’m not sure whether a corner is lower than the other or that the banner curvature is matching properly to the borders I created. I was thinking also of using those social media logos and reducing their size to be super tiny and make them the border around the card. If you look up close you would see the logo, but from far away it looks like colorful trim. The problem is spacing them perfectly so they can all fit in a beautiful design. Oh, why do you torment, Illustrator?

I’m enjoying the challenge but now know that all the Designers in the world have a tough job. I give you hommies so much credit. No project is ever, a quick “hey, I can whip that up” gig. They all take a long time to be done well and I have learnt my lesson. I also give y’all font makers credit for creating something that’s wasn’t there. Omg!!! Jon was telling me about some of things he saw in art school and sure enough I am amazed. Round of applause amigo, round applause to all of you.

What do you think? Any ideas of spicing it up or should go with something plan and simple to counterbalance the front? I’d love to hear some ideas.

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