Here’s the Highlights

I was actually talking to my boss today about my blog which reminded that I have a lot of catching up to do. Actually, I haven’t been back here in about 6 months. It’s not like my life has been boring or anything it just seems that time keeps getting away when I want to write. So instead of going out to a club on a Friday night and dancing like a mad woman with my husband, I’m going to spend the night catching you up on some of the highlights of my life. I’m just kidding. My plans all day have been to sit on my couch, in my pjs and  watch a movie with Jonathan; which we’re doing now. We live the most boring lives sometimes. 

A little review of the last 6 months:

– I got a job working at Dolby! I’m not going to go into all the details but it’s a great place to be for a former film student/tech geek like myself.

– I’ve legally changed my name to my married name, so I’m now part of Jonathan’s family. That was an emotional trip.

– I’m running the Chicago Marathon this year with Team in Training. I’m running 12 miles tomorrow and I’m freaking out.

– I finally got Jonathan a first anniversary wedding present.

– I went to my first Trent Reznor concert, which was amazing!

– I started drinking coffee again this week. It’s so delicious; I missed it.

Let’s start off with that, and I’ll give you the full details soon. Right now, I want to go to bed. A 7am start time for my run is not too far from my future.

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