Interweb Love: Princess Machine

Sometimes there are those rare Interweb finds that you have to tell yourself, “try not to be slightly jealous of 8 and 10 year olds, Adult-Watching-This-Video”. But then at the end of one of the coolest videos around you realize that you are. Yeah, that happened to me.

Yesterday, I found this great video on Upworthy and I instantly got super jealous of those little ladies and what they were building in the house. Take a look.

At first, the song of choice was throwing me off. When I was 12 or so one of the first songs that I learnt was Girls by the Beastie Boys (not my proudest moment) so hearing the beat kind of made me throw a sideways glance a little. Needless to say, I’m totally obsessing over this video right now and their message to all the girls in the world! Not only am I amazed by what they built (with the help from some adults), but I’m extremely jealous that they now have toys to help encourage little girls to be engineers. UGH!!! Why didn’t we have these when I was younger? I  would totally played with them!! Send me back in time, world! I want to become a cool engineer and play with some cool stuff.

Jon and I always joke about our future kids. He would send me a video or picture of a girl taking riflery lessons or learning how to prepare for the Apocalypse. I would respond with a comment on how the weapon would at least be pink or as soon as they were done prepping for the ultimate camping adventure, our daughter would be putting on dresses for prom. Regardless, I do want our kids to enjoy both what Jon and I have to offer. Kind of nice to know that our children will have that opportunity regardless if they’re male or female.

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