2014: Time to Slim Down

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

A new year. A new start.

I always begin the new year with the right intentions too. But this year I’m staying positive and focusing on my goals and it’s revolving around one phrase, Slimming Down.

Yep, I’m gonna slim down in more ways than one. My hope is that by this time next year I will have lost some weight, gotten rid of some possessions and added more cash to my pocket.

Like 99.9% of people in this country, I’m setting the goal of losing weight this year. It’s something that I’ve been trying to do but I decided to make it a priority now. I’m getting back into the mindset of eating healthy and working out, so to help jump start my goal I’ve decided to cut out all alcohol until Valentine’s Day starting today. Jon and I tend to open a bottle of wine or a beer when we’re having dinner which usually becomes two. Of course on the weekends there’s brunch and going out for drinks with friends. I started to realize just how much I was drinking and in the span of a week I noticed it was pretty high! Of course when I drink, I tend to snack on whatever food is available which doesn’t help in the goal of losing weight. So I decided I should just bite the bullet and not drink for the next few weeks and focus more on getting my body ready to look hot for Valentine’s Day. I’ve decided to pair up the no drinking with the Tone It Up’s Love Your Body Series. They’re goal is to get you healthy and moving by Valentine’s Day so I thought it would be a perfect combo.

I am giving myself some wiggle room though. I’m allowing myself to drink only one day and it happens to be this Saturday since its my friend’s Wine Tasting themed birthday party. I agreed to going to the party before cutting out the alcohol but instead of waiting for Sunday AM, I’m going with now and enjoying some time with friends.

Jon and I talked over the weekend about wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Last year, my goal was to declutter the home and although I got really far with it, I lost some of the momentum around April. Now I think that Jon and I have gotten on the same page of wanting to get rid of things that aren’t needed in our lives. Even looking at my bookshelves, I noticed a few books that I have read and most likely will never read again. (Twilight Series, anyone?) Plus there are things that we bought and used for a bit but then we probably don’t really need anymore. Our goal is to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t provided any real value and to use what we have. In my mindset, I’m going with the theory that if we had to move in a moment’s notice to another country, what would be things that I need to have with me, or can be put in storage or gotten rid of entirely. Yeah, I’m going that extreme this year. I really think it will push us to live with what we have and at the same time really give us a good focus on what we do and do not need to be happy with our lives.

Lastly, I’m slimming down on the spending. I’ve noticed recently just how much money I can go through when not paying attention and its sort of shocking. A lunch here, a pair of shoes there, new placemats for the house; it all adds up. I’ve seen this post floating around Facebook recently and it’s been my inspiration for getting on a tighter budget. This totally will help me stay on my other goals of less stuff in the house and eating healthier food. Instead of buying lunch, I’ll have to make it. Do we really need more towels? I’m hoping that by spending less and getting into better habits, that it’ll help motivate Jon and I to go out to explore more and find the little pleasures in life.

So those are my goals for 2014. What are some of yours?

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