How do I do this again?

This cold has really taken both of us out.

On Sunday morning, Jon woke up finally feeling the pain that I’ve been dealing with since Thursday. (I literally jumped on him and was pouring Dayquil down his throat yesterday.) I, on the other hand, have been on the mend which is good considering today is Monday and I need to be back in the office. It sucks to be sick on the weekend but I rather spend Saturday and Sunday sleeping, laying in bed and getting healthy then coughing a lung up on a Thursday. Now, it’s Jonathan’s turn and he’ll probably be spend the next few days laying around the house sniffling, coughing and sleeping. I don’t blame him.

Since I’m pretty much recovered I’m thinking about going for a run soon. With Daylight Savings kicking in I can finally go for a run after work which is great. I use to be a morning runner but sometimes the option of running after work can be so rewarding after a long stressful day. Especially when the sun is setting, it can be the most relaxing and cooling time to go out and run around the town. Since the half marathon is not too far away I’m going to try and adopt some of the Hanson’s Half Marathon Method. I downloaded the program a few days ago and even though I’m 6 weeks behind I’m going to try and apply some of the things that they teach, mainly the consistent running. The one down side is that week seven starts with speed drills and I highly doubt that I’ll be able to complete those after recovering for two weeks.

My first speed drill will be a 10 x 400 with a 400 recovery. Basically that means one run around the track as close to a 5K pace that I can go with a light recovery jog afterwards. Repeat that 10 times. I’d just be happy to complete it! This is what happens when you stop running. It feels like starting over again and since I’m not the fastest runner it feels like I’m taking two steps back instead of a step forward.

But welcome to the world of running. The only person who’s going to judge on how fast you’re going is yourself. So the moment that you’re pushing yourself to go faster is better than anything else in the world.

All I want right now is a fro-yo.

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