Does Life Come With Walls?

I’ve got writer’s block about my life. Is that even possible?

I keep opening up my laptop, staring at a white screen and try to think of something to write about. But I got nothing. Seriously. Nothing.

I want to write about running but I feel like I’ve been obsessing over that recently. My days are pretty boring right now with work and running but no one wants to read about boring stuff. I talk about Helo enough that I’m trying to avoid sounding like the crazy cat lady. The last movie I watched was The Lego Movie (which was AWESOME!) but I think everyone in the world already knows that. I thought that this would never happen to me but I’ve run out of things to say. Yep, even Jonathan is shocked.

It’s just weird. I usually find some great stuff online to talk about but still there’s nothing thats inspiring me. I feel like I have one giant mental fart. Maybe I’ll find something fun to talk about that doesn’t revolve around the world of running or trying to get healthy. Maybe my boring world will have to suffice.